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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby theme to add a Tweet interface and MdxTweet type to Gatsby sites.


Option Default Description
collection tweets The collection is added to Tweet nodes and as field to the underlying Mdx node. It is also part of the path.
contentPath content/tweets Location of post MDX files and assets. You can organize them in whichever way you want, e.g. place them in sub-directories.
fullRelativePath false When set to true, include full path relative to contentPath in path of generated posts.
mdxOtherwiseConfigured false Set this flag true if gatsby-plugin-mdx is already configured for your site.
pruneLength 160 MDX body is pruned to this length for description on MdxTweet. 160 characters is the maximum description length that Google displays in search results.


Key Required Description
id Twitter ID.
title Tweet title, which will be slugified.
slug Override slugified title.
url URL of original tweet, which is also used as canonical URL.
thread Thread ID to group tweets into a thread.
tags Array of tags. For full tag support you need to install and configure @maiertech/gatsby-theme-tags-core.
images Array of images with src (relative path to image), optional title and mandatory alt text. All images are displayed below the tweet.
links Array of links to additional resources. Each link has title and href props.

Schema customization

Tweet interface

Field Type Description
id ID! Tweet ID.
collection String! Collection to which this tweet belongs.
title String! From frontmatter.
description String! excerpt from parent Mdx node.
user String From frontmatter.
url String! From frontmatter.
thread String From frontmatter.
tags [String!] From frontmatter.
images [TweetImage!]
links [TweetResource!]
body String! String representation of tweet body from parent Mdx node.
path String! Path to generated page starts with collection, then full relative path if fullRelativePath is true, then slug derived from title.

Type MdxTweet implements Tweet. If you prefer to use a data source other than MDX files, you can write a child theme that implements the Tweet interface.

TweetImage type

Field Type Description
src File! Relative path to image.
title String Image title.
alt String! Image alt text.

TweetResource type

Field Type Description
title String! Link title.
href String! Link href.
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