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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby theme to create a digital garden.

This theme’s data model and styling are opinionated. If it does not match your use case, you can use my core themes and your preferred styling to assemble your own digital garden theme.

Site metadata

This theme requires the following site metadata:

Key Required Description
siteTitle Site title for header and footer and for SEO.
siteAuthor Site author for footer.
siteNavLinks Navigation links for header and footer.
siteTwitter Site Twitter username for SEO.
siteUrl URL from which the production site is served. Used for sitemap creation.


Option Default Description
basePath / Basepath for deployments at locations other than root.

Content types


A note is the most basic unit of information in my digital garden. It is an MDX page that is located in content/notes. It uses the following frontmatter fields:

Field Required Description
description A brief description of what the note is about.
tags One or more tags are required to be able to discover a note.

Notes do not have dates, because they are raw and unpolished. Most notes will receive a few updates and then never change again. Some notes will receive more updates and slowly mature. Notes can be renamed or deleted at any time, there is no guarantee that their URL is stable. Due to their unfinished nature, they are exluded from the generated sitemap and disallowed in robots.txt.


Posts are located in content/posts and add author and date fields. They are usually the result of several iterations on one or many notes and are much more polished than notes. When a note has been used for a post, it can be deleted.


Chunks are located content/chunks and use the same metadata as posts. Chunks can be thought of as short posts. They should be concise and self-contained. Chunks encourage publishing shorter posts more frequently. A Chunk can be derived from a note that is in good enough shape to be published. Chunks can also be written directly. Chunks can also be incorporated into posts, but their URL is stable. Tweets can be considered as a special type of chunks.

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