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Community Plugin
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Gatsby plugin that automatically creates pages from React components in specified directories. Gatsby includes this plugin automatically in all sites for creating pages from components in src/pages.

With this plugin, any file that lives in the src/pages folder (or subfolders) will be expected to export a React Component to generate a Page. The following files are automatically excluded:

  • template-*
  • __tests__/*
  • *.test.jsx?
  • *.spec.jsx?
  • *.d.tsx?
  • *.json
  • *.yaml
  • _*
  • .*


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-page-creator

How to use

// gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    // You can have multiple instances of this plugin
    // to create pages from React components in different directories.
    // The following sets up the pattern of having multiple
    // "pages" directories in your project
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-page-creator`,
      options: {
        path: `${__dirname}/src/account/pages`,
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-page-creator`,
      options: {
        path: `${__dirname}/src/settings/pages`,
    // You can also provide "createPath" and "validatePath" functions
    // to override default behaviour, if needed
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-page-creator`,
      options: {
        path: `${__dirname}/src/articles`,
        createPath: (basePath, filePath) => {
          // Creates a custom URL based on filename
          return `/articles/${slugify(basename(filePath))}/`
        validatePath: (relativePath, isValid) => {
          // Filter page creation based on criteria,
          // the second argument is the default validatePath function
          if (!isValid(relativePath)) return false
          if (basename(relativePath).startsWith("draft-")) return false
          return true
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