Gatsby Theme Vlog

Create a vlog and with this simple and customizable Gatsby Theme.

It includes:

  • MDX support
  • a demo site (located in demo/) that installs the theme
  • Option to style with Theme UI


  1. Create a Gatsby site. gatsby new cool-new-vlog
  2. Change directory to the folder you just created and install the theme cd cool-new-vlog yarn add @lemonslicenebula/gatsby-theme-vlog
  3. Add theme to your gatsby-config.js

    module.exports = {
    siteMetadata: {
        title: "My Countdown",
        author: "Rafael Quintanilha"
    plugins: [
  4. Adding pages Create an .mdx file in your /src/pages/ directory. For example `/src/pages/index.mdx to create the home page.
  5. Run yarn develop and go to http://localhost:8000