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@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground is released under the MIT license. Current npm package version. Downloads per month on npm. Total downloads on npm. Website Follow @lekoarts_de

GraphQL Playground to showcase the power of GraphQL. Write your queries and documentation with MDX and display queries in an interactive GraphiQL window. It can source from your localhost or a remote URL (e.g. Codesandbox).

Live Preview

Read the Source Code.

Also be sure to check out other Free & Open Source Gatsby Themes and my Personal Website.


  • MDX for the navigation and content
  • Automatically converts GraphQL code blocks with the meta field preview to live previews in a GraphiQL iframe
  • Theme UI-based theming
  • Light Mode / Dark Mode


npm install @lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground

Install as a starter

This will generate a new site that pre-configures the theme including example content and additional plugins.

npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-graphql-playground https://github.com/LekoArts/gatsby-starter-graphql-playground

View the starter’s code


Theme options

Key Default Value Description
basePath / Root url for the theme
docsPath docs Location of the individual doc pages
mdx true Configure gatsby-plugin-mdx (if your website already is using the plugin pass false to turn this off)

Example usage

// gatsby-config.mjs
const config = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground`,
      options: {
          docsPath: `playground`

export default config

Additional configuration

In addition to the theme options, there are a handful of items you can customize via the siteMetadata object in your site’s gatsby-config.mjs

// gatsby-config.mjs
const config = {
  siteMetadata: {
    // Used for the title template on pages other than the index site
    siteTitle: `GraphQL Playground`,
    // Default title of the page
    siteTitleAlt: `GraphQL Playground - @lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground`,
    // Can be used for e.g. JSONLD
    siteHeadline: `GraphQL Playground - Gatsby Theme from @lekoarts`,
    // Will be used to generate absolute URLs for og:image etc.
    siteUrl: `https://gatsby-starter-graphql-playground.netlify.app`,
    // Used for SEO
    siteDescription: `Stub description for graphql-playground`,
    // Used for og:image and must be placed inside the `static` folder
    siteImage: `/banner.jpg`,
    // Set the default "lang" attribute on "html" element
    siteLanguage: `en`,
    // Twitter Handle
    author: `@lekoarts_de`,
    // Will be the root URL for the iFrame
    graphiQLUrl: `https://711808k40x.sse.codesandbox.io/___graphql`,

export default config;


Please read the guide Shadowing in Gatsby Themes to understand how to customize the theme! Generally speaking you will want to place your files into src/@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground/ to shadow/override files.

Adding content

Changing the Navigation

Create a file at src/@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground/data/navigation.mdx to edit the navigation.

Adding a new doc page

First, create a new entry in your navigation.mdx file. If this file doesn’t exist yet, see the step above.

You need to create a “classic” markdown list, like:

- Welcome
- Basics
  - [GraphQL Introduction](/graphql-introduction)

You’ll now see a navigation that has two sections (Welcome and Basics) of which Basics has a sub-menu.

Now, create a new file at docs/graphql-introduction.mdx. The filename has to be the same as the link you used in the navigation. Add a title to the frontmatter of the MDX file and place the GraphQL query you wish to display in the GraphiQL iFrame as the first item.

title: GraphQL Introduction

```graphql preview

Normal text can go here.

## Normal markdown too

You need to write your query with graphql preview so that the theme can pick it up. You also must place it directly after the frontmatter.

Changing the “Welcome” text

Create a file at src/@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-graphql-playground/data/index.mdx to edit the text.


You can find the extensive changelog of changes on GitHub. You’ll be able to see each patch, minor, and major changes and what pull requests contributed to them.


If you have general questions or need help with Gatsby, please go to one of the support platforms mentioned in Gatsby’s documentation. If you have a specific question about this theme, you can head to the GitHub Discussions of the repository.

🌟 Supporting me

Thanks for using this project! I’m always interested in seeing what people do with my projects, so don’t hesitate to tag me on Twitter and share the project with me.

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