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Community Plugin
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Install from npm or yarn:

npm install @jbolda/gatsby-theme-layout


yarn add @jbolda/gatsby-theme-layout

We also rely on peer dependencies of the following packages. Consult the package installation guides for each to potentially additional peer depedencies that require installation.

yarn add gatsby-plugin-mdx@^1.0.49 gatsby-plugin-sharp@^2.2.31 gatsby-plugin-theme-ui@^0.2.46 gatsby-source-filesystem@^2.1.0 gatsby-transformer-sharp@^2.2.20 theme-ui@^0.2.46


This theme is primarily used in other themes. There is only configuration requirements.


module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    siteTitle: `Jacob Bolda`,
    siteDescription: `Structural Engineer with a knack for creative solutions using code and ingenuity.`,
    siteAuthor: `Jacob Bolda`,
    siteContact: "https://twitter.com/jacobbolda",
    navLinks: [
      { url: "/articles/", text: "Articles" },
      { url: "/recipes/", text: "Our Recipes" }

Design Tokens

The following are design tokens that are applied by variants through this theme. You may use them to apply styles to elements as a stopgap before needing to shadow a component.

  jboldaGatsbyTheme: {
    layout: {
      header: { /* add tokens here */ },
      content: { /* add tokens here */ },
      footer: { /* add tokens here */ },
      heading: { /* add tokens here */ },
      text: { /* add tokens here */ },
      link: { /* add tokens here */ }
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