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OG CMS - Gatsby Object Graph Plugin

Gatsby Object Graph Plugin for the IWS CMS service.

How to use

Create Project

The following steps create a project you can use with gatsby.

Install Plugin

To install the gatsby OG plugin use the following command:

npm install --save-dev @innoflex-technology/gatsby-og-plugin

To use this plugin inside a Gatsby project:

  1. Define the plugin inside gatsby-config.js
      resolve: "gatsby-og-plugin", // For development purpose, we can use require.resolve(`../gatsby-og-plugin`)
      options: {
        projectId: "", // Object Graph Project ID (Require)
        baseUrl: "", // Object Graph API Endpoint (Optional)
        damUrl: "", // Dam API Endpoint (Optional)
        apiKey: "", // Api Key for user authentication (Require)
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