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Instead of embedding a Youtube Video in your Markdown as with gatsby-remark-embed-youtube, it add a thumbnail with a link to the video. Like this your users aren’t polluted with google cookies, particulary for european users.


  1. Install plugin to your site:
yarn add @gatsby-contrib/gatsby-remark-link-youtube
  1. Add following to your gatsby-config.js:
    plugins: [
        resolve: "gatsby-transformer-remark",
        options: {
          plugins: [
              resolve: `@gatsby-contrib/gatsby-remark-link-youtube`,
              options: {
                width: 768,
                className: `center`,
                title: `Cliquer pour voir la vidéo sur`,
  1. Restart gastby.


# Look at this Video:

`youtube: w7y-1eY0mcE`

Will render in your html as:

<a href="" title="Cliquer pour voir la vidéo sur"><img src="" alt="Thumbnail of Youtube video w7y-1eY0mcE" title="Cliquer pour voir la vidéo sur" class="center" width="768"></a>



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