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Community Plugin
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Blog core theme

A Gatsby theme for creating a blog child theme. It includes all of the data structures you need to get up and running building a blog and includes no additional theming or style opinions.


  1. Install the theme
npm install @dseoane/gatsby-theme-blog-core
  1. Add the configuration to your gatsby-config.js file
// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@dseoane/gatsby-theme-blog-core`,
      options: {
        // basePath defaults to `/`
        basePath: `/blog`,
  1. Add blog posts to your site by creating md or mdx files inside /content/posts.

    Note that if you’ve changed the default contentPath in the configuration, you’ll want to add your markdown files in the directory specified by that path.

  2. Run your site using gatsby develop and navigate to your blog posts. If you used the above configuration, your URL will be http://localhost:8000/blog


Theme options

Key Default value Description
basePath / Root url for all blog posts
contentPath content/posts Location of blog posts
assetPath content/assets Location of assets
disablePostsPage false Set this flag true if you don’t want to generate the posts page
mdxOtherwiseConfigured false Set this flag true if gatsby-plugin-mdx is already configured for your site

Blog Post Fields

The following are the defined blog post fields based on the node interface in the schema

Field Type
id String
slug String
noindex Boolean
featured Boolean
image File
title String
description String
date Date
excerpt String
body String
category String
tags [String]
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