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Community Plugin
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This plugin was forked from pixelplicity/gatsby-plugin-plausible to support Plausible’s proxying configuration.

npm package

A Gatsby plugin for adding Plausible analytics to your Gatsby site.

The plugin includes the Plausible tracking script. It supports using a custom domain and excluding specific paths from recording page views.



  1. Install @devular.gatsby-plugin-plausible

    npm install --save @devular/gatsby-plugin-plausible

  2. Add plugin to gatsby-config.js

    // In your gatsby-config.js
    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
        // The only required option is the domain
          resolve: `@devular/gatsby-plugin-plausible`,
          options: {
            domain: `your-site.com`,
            proxyScript: `/sub-directory/script.js`,
            proxyApi: `/sub-directory/api/event`,

Gatsby Recipe

This will install @devular/gatsby-plugin-plausible and add a sample configuration.

  1. Upgrade gatsby-cli and gatsby to the latest version:

    npm install -g gatsby-cli@latest npm install gatsby@latest

  2. Run the recipe gatsby recipes https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devular/gatsby-plugin-plausible/master/gatsby-recipe-plausible.mdx

  3. Update gatsby-config.js options.

To read more about recipes check out the announcement.

How to use

NOTE: By default, this plugin only generates output when run in production mode. To test your tracking code, run gatsby build && gatsby serve.


Option Explanation
domain The domain configured in Plausible (required)
proxyScript A script location for a proxy configuration
proxyApi An collection endpoint for aproxy configurations
excludePaths Array of pathnames where page views will not be sent

_NOTE: You can read more about proxying Plausible here

Pageview events

Pageviews are sent automatically when a user changes routes, including the initial load of your site.

Triggering custom events

To track goals and conversions you have to trigger custom events first.

window.plausible('Signup', {
  callback: () => console.info('Sent Signup event'),

The event name can be anything. The second argument is an object with options. The only supported option is callback that is called once the event has been sent.

NOTE: Custom events will not show up right away. You have to configure a goal in your Plausible dashboard.




MIT | Devular

Forked from: https://github.com/pixelplicity/gatsby-plugin-plausible with MIT

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