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This plugin allows content authors to embed Gist snippets.

Getting started

To embed a Gist snippet in you markdown/remark content, simply add an inline code block using the gist: protocol.





  • username, represents the github handler whose gist is to be accessed.

Can be defaulted via configuration.

  • gist_id, is the id of the gist to be accessed.

This is the hash value in the gist url, e.g.<username>/ce54fdb1e5621b5966e146026995b974).

  • gist_file, is the name of the file in the gist to be accessed.

Highlights can be defined using:

  • A single number (e.g. highlights=1)
  • A list of numbers (e.g. highlights=1,4)
  • A range of numbers (e.g. highlights=1-4)
  • A combination of all above (e.g. highlights=1,3,7-9)


yarn add gatsby-remark-embed-gist


// In your gatsby-config.js
  resolve: "gatsby-transformer-remark",
  options: {
    plugins: [
        resolve: "gatsby-remark-embed-gist",
        options: {
          // Optional:

          // the github handler whose gists are to be accessed
          username: 'weirdpattern',

          // a flag indicating whether the github default gist css should be included or not
          // default: true
          includeDefaultCss: true


Turns this…


Into this…

<div id="gist90436059" class="gist">
    <div class="gist-file">
      <div class="gist-data">
        <div class="js-gist-file-update-container js-task-list-container file-box">
          <div id="file-syntax-text" class="file">
            <div itemprop="text" class="blob-wrapper data type-text">
              <table class="highlight tab-size js-file-line-container" data-tab-size="8">
                    <td id="file-syntax-text-L1" class="blob-num js-line-number" data-line-number="1"></td>
                    <td id="file-syntax-text-LC1" class="blob-code blob-code-inner js-file-line">&lt;operation&gt; [n]&gt; /dev/null [options]</td>
      <div class="gist-meta">
        <a href="" style="float:right">view raw</a>
        <a href="">syntax.text</a>
        hosted with ❤ by <a href="">GitHub</a>


The order of the plugins only matters when used in conjunction with gatsby-remark-prismjs, because this plugin transforms the inline code blocks, so add gatsby-remark-embed-gist somewhere above this plugin.


MIT, by Patricio Trevino