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Gatsby theme spring Build Status

Robust gatsby theme for your blog.




Using yarn:

yarn add @daniel.husar/gatsby-theme-spring

Or using npm:

npm install @daniel.husar/gatsby-theme-spring


Add plugin to you gatsby config:

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
  plugins: [
      resolve: '@daniel.husar/gatsby-theme-spring',
      options: {
        author: 'Daniel Husar',
        blogPath: '/blog',
        paginationOffset: 5,

Plugin accepts 3 options:

  • paginationOffset (number) - number of articles per page
  • author (string) - author name for the rss feed
  • blogPath (string) - prefix path for blog posts and pagination (First page in the pagination will always be ’/‘)

I recommend populating also siteMetadata with those properties:

title: 'Gatsby theme spring',
description: 'Demo of the gatsby theme spring',
keywords: 'gatsby, theme',
language: 'en',
siteUrl: 'https://gatsby-theme-spring.netlify.com/',
feed_url: 'https://gatsby-theme-spring.netlify.com/rss.xml',
image_url: 'https://gatsby-theme-spring.netlify.com/avatar.png',
twitterHandle: '@DanoHusar',

Setting up

Copy your picture into scr/img/author.png.

Now you can create mdx posts inside src directory. Every post needs to have this metadata:

url: 'url-to-use'
date: '2019-07-30'
title: 'Title of the post'
banner: './img/hero-image.jpg'
draft: false
  • url - Post url
  • date - Post date
  • title - Post title
  • banner - Post banner image. To disable image set this to null.
  • draft - If post should be in draft mode.




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