Gatsby Theme Add-On for Code Examples

This theme provides components in MDX to render code examples from files, optionally in multiple programming languages.

It is a feature add-on to @commercetools-docs/gatsby-theme-docs and is not usable standalone.


npx install-peerdeps --dev @commercetools-docs/gatsby-theme-code-examples


In your gatsby-config.js:

const {
} = require('@commercetools-docs/gatsby-theme-docs/configure-theme');

module.exports = {
  // ... other site config
  plugins: [
      // ... other theme config
      addOns: ['@commercetools-docs/gatsby-theme-code-examples'],

Example files must be added in the ./src/code-examples/ folder of the website. That folder is automatically generated when the plugin runs.

Supported MIME Types

  • application/javascript (JavaScript)
  • text/x-java-source (Java)
  • application/json (JSON)
  • application/x-httpd-php (PHP)
  • application/x-sh (Shell / Bash)
  • video/mp2t (not actually TypeScript, but gatsbyJS represents .ts files as this mime type)
  • text/yaml (YAML)
  • text/vnd.curl (cURL)

In addition the following are included to cover languages with no explicit mime type (for example C#)

  • application/octet-stream
  • text/plain

Using UI components in Markdown

The package exposes the following components in the MDX context:

  • <CodeExample>
  • <MultiCodeExample>

Then in your MDX files:

<MultiCodeExample title="Multilanguage Code Samples">
  <CodeExample path="example.js" highlightLines={[3]} />
  <CodeExample path=""/>
  <CodeExample path="example.console" noPromptLines={[3, 4]} />

<CodeExample path="example.js" title="JavaScript Code Sample" />

In addition to path, the <CodeExample> component supports all custom parameters that can be passed to fenced code blocks in the base theme