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Adds support for deploying Gatsby websites to IPFS by ensuring that assets are relative.


$ npm install --save gatsby-plugin-ipfs


Set prefixPath to __GATSBY_IPFS_PATH_PREFIX__ and include the plugin in your gatsby-config.js file:

module.exports = {
    pathPrefix: '__GATSBY_IPFS_PATH_PREFIX__',
    plugins: [

And now, simply build the project with npm run build -- --prefix-paths. Better yet, set it by default in your package.json:

"scripts": {
  "build": "gatsby build --prefix-paths"

But how?

It turns out the Gatsby doesn’t support relative paths. But I didn’t gave up and came up with smart and ugly hacks to do so:

  • Adds a post-build step that iterates over files and transforms every __GATSBY_IPFS_PATH_PREFIX__ occurrence
  • Adds a very small code snippet to every HTML page that defines the __GATSBY_IPFS_PATH_PREFIX__ global based on the browser location


MIT License

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