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SEO plugin for Gastby. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Open Graph, and meta tags.

📦 Installation

This package is installable from npm.

npm install @bradgarropy/gatsby-plugin-seo

🥑 Usage

To add a base set of SEO tags, create a custom <Layout/> component and add the <SEO/> component there. The SEO tags will render for every route in your site.

// .src/components/Layout.js

import SEO from "@bradgarropy/next-seo"

const Layout = ({children}) => {
    return (
            <SEO title="My website" description="A blog and portfolio" />

export default Layout

If you want to override SEO tags on individual pages, use the <SEO/> component and only include the props that you want to update. For example, if you added <SEO/> in the Layout.js file as shown above, and then included <SEO/> in the about.js file as shown below, the description would be overwritten to be Learn more about me.

// .src/pages/about.js

import SEO from "@bradgarropy/next-seo"
import Layout from "../components/layout"

const AboutPage = () => {
    return (
            <SEO description="Learn more about me" />

export default AboutPage

With this capability, you can create a default set of SEO tags, and then tailor certain properties on specific pages.

📖 API Reference


Name Required Example Description
title false "My website" Page title.
description false "A blog and portfolio" Description of the page.
keywords false ["website", "blog", "portfolio"] Array of keywords.
icon false "/favicon.ico" Tab icon url.
themeColor false "#000000" Browser theme color.
colorScheme false "light" Preferred color scheme.
facebook.image false "/facebook.png" Facebook share image.
facebook.url false "https://website.com" Page URL.
facebook.type false "website" Type of resource. See all types [here][types].
twitter.image false "/twitter.png" Twitter share image.
twitter.site false "@bradgarropy" Twitter handle of publishing site.
twitter.card false "summary" Format of Twitter share card. See all types [here][cards].

All of the SEO props are optional. If a prop is not provided, the associated meta tag will not be rendered.

// renders no seo tags

// renders all seo tags
    title="My website"
    description="A blog and portfolio"
    keywords={["website", "blog", "portfolio"]}
        image: "/facebook.png",
        url: "https://website.com",
        type: "website",
        image: "/twitter.png",
        site: "@bradgarropy",
        card: "summary",

// renders some seo tags
    title="My blog"
    description="Posts about technology"
    keywords={["website", "blog", "technology"]}

❔ Questions

🐛 report bugs by filing issues
📢 provide feedback with issues or on twitter
🙋🏼‍♂️ use my ama or twitter to ask any other questions

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Brad Garropy

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