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Community Plugin
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Plugin to generate graphql types for Gatsby.

It uses the same approach as the core graphqlTypegen but provides a few more options


yarn add @bond-london/gatsby-graphql-typegen


Add to your gatsby-config.ts and configure it as shown below.

      resolve: "@bond-london/gatsby-graphql-typegen",
      options: {
        gatsbyTypesFile: "gatsby-types.d.ts",
        configOptions: {
          skipTypename: false,

If you specify the gatsbyTypesFile make sure that the tsconfig.json file correctly picks it up.

Configuration options

Key Type Description
gatsbyTypesFiles String The name of the types file. This is useful if you use tailwind and don’t want to generate in the src directory
configOptions Object Additional configuration options. See https://www.graphql-code-generator.com/plugins/typescript for details
additionalTypescriptFiles String[] Additional files to read queries from in addition to the defaults. [./gatsby-node.ts,./plugins/**/gatsby-node.ts ]
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