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Gatsby Source for Most Read Posts from Google Analytics npm version License: MIT Known Vulnerabilities

Get your most read Posts from Google Analytics Reporting API.


You can install this library via NPM or YARN.


npm i @blackbox-vision/gatsby-source-google-analytics-api-most-read-posts


yarn add @blackbox-vision/gatsby-source-google-analytics-api-most-read-posts


In your gatsby-config.js:

    resolve: `@blackbox-vision/gatsby-source-google-analytics-api-most-read-posts`,
    options: {
        viewId: `115350264`,
        email: `example@domain.com`,
        secretKey: `yourSecretAPIKey`,
        maxResults: 10,
        filters: 'ga:pagePath!@/tag/;ga:pagePath!@/page/;ga:pagePath!=/;ga:pageTitle!=(not set);ga:pagePath!@&',
        dates: {
            from: 'today',
            to: '2019-01-01'

Supported Options

Properties Types Default Value Description
viewId string none Your viewId for your Google Analytics property.
email string none The email generated from the Google API Console.
secretKey string none The PEM certificate generated from the Google API Console.
maxResults number 3 Total results to get from the source.
filters string Filters for data from Google Analytics.
dates.from string ‘today’ A date formatted string or an string representing time relation.
dates.to string ‘2019-01-01’ A date formatted string or an string representing time relation.

Example Usage

import React from 'react';
import { StaticQuery, graphql } from 'gatsby';

const gplQuery = graphql`
  query GetAllMostReadPosts {
    allMostReadPosts {
      nodes {

export const MostReadPosts = () => (
    render={({ allMostReadPosts: { nodes: posts } }) =>
      posts.map((post, idx) => (
        <div key={idx}>
          <a href={post.url}>

MostReadPosts.displayName = 'MostReadPosts';


Please, open an issue following one of the issues templates. We will do our best to fix them.


If you want to contribute to this project see contributing for more information.


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

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