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Intro - Personal branding theme for developers

Intro is an open source Gatsby theme built specially for developers. Tell your story by showing your skills, projects and career path.

This is heavily modified fork of original theme at link


  • New YAML files for education, ceritifications
  • Work, Education and certifications now in tab layout
  • Projects are sorted into tabs by new YAML property ‘type’
  • Location div now has map overlay which is lazy-loaded
  • Profile skills and tools now have links
  • Project spheres are now spinning and reacting to mouse
  • Other CSS reactions to mouse movements to make site alive
  • New social link options for stackoverflow and spotify

🚀 Getting Started

Install theme & dependencies

mkdir my-site
cd my-site
yarn init -y
yarn add gatsby react react-dom @arturthemaslov/gatsby-theme-intro-maslov

Enable theme

Then add the theme to your gatsby-config.js.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "@arturthemaslov/gatsby-theme-intro-maslov",
      options: {
        theme: "classic",

Run your site

That’s it, you can now run your site using

gatsby develop

This process will create content/ directory within your site with a sample data.

Edit content

You can change the website’s content by editing .yaml files in content/ directory:


Follow existing convention to provide your profile information, skills & tools.

Do not remove existing parameters from the file, as it may break the website.


For each project you can provide:

Parameter Value Is required?
name Name of the project yes
url URL of the project no
description Project’s description no
status Either in progress or live no
tags List of tags no
icon Either github or website no
image Path to the image no


For each entry you can provide:

Parameter Value Is required?
company Name of the company yes
period Start / End date no
position Your position at the company no
url URL of the company no


For each entry you can provide:

Parameter Value Is required?
school Name of the school yes
period Start / End date no
level Your gained degree no
url URL of the company no


For each entry you can provide:

Parameter Value Is required?
issuer Name of the issuer yes
program Name of the program yes
date Start / End date no
image Image of certification no
url URL of the issuer no


List of your social media accounts. Please just fill the url parameter or leave it empty.

Do not add custom items to the list.

Enable email notifications

Contact form is integrated with Formspree. Any form submissions will be sent to your e-mail (set in profile.yaml).

You need to confirm your e-mail - to do it, please just send any message using the contact form. Shortly after doing it, you’ll receive message from Formspree with an activation link.

Please refer to original theme docs for more info on customization


  • Intro. is a theme originally created by Wojciech Kocjan from Weeby Studio.
  • The theme has been initially launched in 2018 as a commercial project written in JavaScript. In 2020 it’s been rewritten to Gatsby and open sourced.
  • Heavy modified by Artur Maslov in 2020.

Thank you for using it!

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