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Link Site Theme for Gatsby


  • Adds a /links page to your site
  • Imports stars from Github
  • Imports bookmarks from Pinboard
  • Sorts by date and shows the latest 100 entries


Live demo


Add the theme requirements to your site

yarn add gatsby-theme-links gatsby-plugin-pinboard gatsby-plugin-github-api


In your gatsby project, add the following to your gatsby-config.js.

I recommend using env-vars to pass tokens to your application. Never commit tokens to Git.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-theme-links",
      options: {
        github: {
          token: process.env.GATSBY_GITHUB_TOKEN,
        pinboard: {
          authToken: process.env.GATSBY_PINBOARD_TOKEN,

For development

Add a .env file to the root directory of the project.


Then you can run your site with:

export $(cat .env | xargs) && yarn workspace demo develop

When deploying

Remember to add the tokens as environmental variables to whatever deploys your site.

On Netlify, it’s under “advanced” when setting up the project.

I don’t like ENV vars

At your own risk, you can replace process.env.GATSBY_GITHUB_TOKEN and process.env.GATSBY_PINBOARD_TOKEN with your own values.

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