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Community Plugin
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  • @amory/src-fs-watch

** Overview

The intention of this package is to provide a single process and interface for all desired file watching activities. Only file changes and deletions are reported. Saving files without changing their content are [intentionally] not reported. Consumers receive all reported file events starting with the beginning of the file watching process. Events can easily be filtered using any method supported by RxJs =.pipe=, e.g. =filter=, =map=, =reduce=, etc.

** Install

#+begin_src sh npm install —save @amory/src-fs-watch #+end_src

** Example

#+begin_src js const srcFsWatch = require (“@amory/src-fs-watch”) const { join } = require (“path”).posix const { filter } = require (“rxjs/operators”)

// Any valid chokidar options (plus src) can be passed here: const watcher = srcFsWatch ({ “src”: join (process.cwd (), “src”) })

watcher .pipe (filter (({ src }) => /.js(on)?$/.test (src))) .subscribe ({ “next”: ({ evt, src }) => console.log (evt, src) }) #+end_src

** Credits

Inspired by original code and concepts from:

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