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Gatsby Theme


@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-minimal-blog-core is released under the MIT license. Current npm package version. Downloads per month on npm. Total downloads on npm. PRs welcome! Follow @lekoarts_de

Core Theme for @lekoarts/gatsby-theme-minimal-blog. This theme implements the Post and Page node interfaces and exports templates (+ queries) which you can shadow.

Also be sure to checkout other Free & Open Source Gatsby Themes


npm install @lekoarts/gatsby-theme-minimal-blog-core


Theme options

Key Default Value Description
basePath / Root url for the theme
blogPath /blog url for the blog post overview page
tagsPath /tags url for the tags overview page and prefix for tags (e.g. /tags/my-tag)
postsPath content/posts Location of posts
postsPrefix / Prefix for all individual blog posts
pagesPath content/pages Location of additional pages (optional)
mdx true Configure gatsby-plugin-mdx (if your website already is using the plugin pass false to turn this off)
formatString DD.MM.YYYY Configure the date format for Date fields

The usage of content/pages is optional.


Please read the guide Shadowing in Gatsby Themes to understand how to customize the this theme! You can also have a look at @lekoarts/gatsby-theme-minimal-blog to see it in action. Generally speaking you will want to place your files into src/@lekoarts/gatsby-theme-minimal-blog-core/ to shadow/override files.

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