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Modular: The Web’s New Architecture

(And How It’s Changing Online Business)

The way we build websites — especially cutting-edge websites — is changing. We’re moving from monolithic, CMS-centric systems to a new “modular” architecture. Terms like “headless” and “composable” are coming into vogue. Developers are moving from PHP and Java to JavaScript and React.

But websites are one of the most cross-functional projects in any organization — and change can be hard. Modular is written for the tech lead and the marketer; the agency owner and the client.

Gatsby co-founder Sam Bhagwat provides a first-hand perspective on the last few years’ developments in e-commerce, headless content, web design, and mobile performance. Then, he walks through how change actually happens — with sample architectures, success stories, and sequencing guides.


“The missing manual for the modern web.” — Sascha Konietzke, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Contentful

“Read this book and go modular, or go home.” — Justin Emond, CEO, Boston-based digital agency Third And Grove

“The writing style and historical perspective is great and the diagrams are top notch.” - Felipe Fonnegra, CEO of 25-person LatAm digital agency Aplyca

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