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Gatsby v2- learn all about it!

Learn everything there is to know about Gatsby v2

Learn everything there is to know about Gatsby v2. Impress your friends!

Join Kyle Mathews, CEO and Founder of Gatsby and Jason Lengstorf, Gatsby’s Developer Avocado, as they discuss how their website teams became agile and how to implement the same-results driven strategy to your team.

Here’s what you’ll learn in 35 minutes

  • How to get started with free Drupal and WordPress development environments and automated Git-based workflows using Gatsby
  • Easily move updates from dev, to staging, to live environments
  • How web teams can collaborate up to 2x faster with Gatsby
  • How Gatsby can increase site performance by up to 300%

Websites are our most powerful digital marketing product, but for many companies, it’s been months or years since their websites were substantially improved. Digital marketing teams that are succeeding today have figured out how to iteratively improve every part of their users’ experience: from first brand interaction to conversion.

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