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ImpossibleFoods.com: Combining Gatsby + Contentful for Speed, Scale and Flexibility

Learn how to build engaging, SEO friendly ecommerce websites (a webinar with Contentful and Gatsby)

Both brands and users have high expectations for websites today, and these expectations are constantly getting higher — especially when it comes to direct-to-user experiences. To satisfy them, your site must offer blazing-fast performance, unique and engaging bespoke experiences, and optimize for attracting new visitors, generating leads, and providing a positive return on investment. It can be difficult — impossible even.

In 2018, Impossible Foods (maker of the Impossible™ Burger) was amidst exponential growth as the Impossible™ Burger took the world by storm. Top-down directives changed frequently, leads weren’t being captured, and new visitors found the site neither informative nor engaging. The website — which at the time, offered minimal, static functionality — became a barrier to growth.

Instead of turning to old, tired solutions, Impossible Foods sought a nimble agency to create a fast, flexible, and performance-focused website — bringing together three modern platforms. Watch the webinar with Gatsby and Contentful to hear Ashley Geo (Head of Brand Marketing-Communications at Impossible Foods) and David Fonnegra (Lead Technologist at Matter Supply) talk about delivering new features and content on impossiblefoods.com within often-impossible timeframes, and how they empowered the Impossible™ Digital team to increase customer engagement by more than 40%.

Ashley Geo, Head of Brand Marketing-Communications, Impossible Foods
David Fonnegra, Lead Technologist, Matter Supply
Kyle Mathews, Co-Founder, Gatsby
Jim Ambras, Sr Technical Trainer, Contentful

In the webinar, you’ll hear more about:

  • A new start-up savvy approach for building websites
  • How combining the powers of the Gatsby framework, Contentful’s content infrastructure, and Shopify’s mature platform enabled the IMPOSSIBLE™ team to increase customer engagement by more than 40%
  • How the Impossible™ Digital team created an SEO-friendly and performance-optimized direct-to-user website that includes A/B testing and dynamic pages

Watch The Webinar

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