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IBM and Gatsby Themes: Driving Impact Through Design

Hear how IBM leverages Gatsby themes to create new sites with a unified look

Who doesn’t want to have more impact while doing less work? Watch the webinar to learn how IBM’s open source design system, Carbon Design System, is using Gatsby themes to easily create new sites with a unified look and feel. Gatsby themes empowers the team to build something that looks like IBM without any prior React knowledge. Teams get faster fixes with a consistent UI for their site or product. Learn how to leverage Gatsby themes to create more impact with less work.

Hear from Alison Joseph (Senior Front End Developer) and Vincent Picone (Software Engineer) at IBM’s Carbon Design System, and Chris Biscardi (Independent Consultant at Gatsby) to talk about using Gatsby themes to drive consistent design across IBM.

Alison Joseph, Senior Front End Developer, IBM
Vincent Picone, Software Engineer, IBM
Chris Biscardi, Independent Consultant, Gatsby

In the webinar, you’ll hear more about:

  • Gatsby themes and what can you do with them
  • How IBM leverages Gatsby themes to build consistent sites
  • Workflow and velocity improvements for teams using themes
  • MDX components and Gatsby themes
  • Advanced concepts such as predictive shadowing, scoping styles and queries, and all-in-one or super composable themes

Watch the Webinar

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