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WordPress Without the Worry: Going Headless with Gatsby

Use Headless WordPress and Gatsby to build a content heavy site

If you’ve ever worked on a large, content heavy WordPress site with lots of plugins and vulnerabilities, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Jambaree, the Vancouver-based digital agency, needed to rebuild a content heavy, multilingual site for a client. The original site had gotten so large and so slow that a complete re-architecture was needed. But how to enable the developers to optimize for speed and security while allowing the content team to retain WordPress as the CMS?

Jambaree took on the challenge by re-architecting the site with Gatsby and WordPress. The result? Blazing fast page load times (up to 4X faster), security vulnerabilities obliterated, and the content team got to keep their chosen CMS.

Register to view the recording and learn more from Robin Zimmer (Full-stack Web Developer, Jambaree), Blaine Yamakawa (Project Manager, Jambaree), and Jason Bahl (Software Engineer, Gatsby) as they talk about how they rebuilt a content heavy WordPress site to be scalable, secure, and performant.

In the webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How Jambaree built a fast-loading content heavy, multilingual site with WordPress and Gatsby
  • How they increased page load speed 4X
  • What security vulnerabilities they faced in the past, and how the new website stack solved those problems

Robin Zimmer (Full-stack Web Developer, Jambaree)
Blaine Yamakawa (Project Manager and UX Designer, Jambaree)
Jason Bahl (Software Engineer, Gatsby)

Register to view recording

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