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Using Gatsby with Agility CMS

Agility CMS provides a best-in-class editor experience. The only headless CMS with Page Management built-in, Agility CMS provides a consistent and easy-to-use interface to empower your editors to do more while reducing the dependency on your developers. Build a content foundation that will go the distance and deploy your blazing-fast Gatsby site with confidence.

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  • Example site
  • Tutorial
  • Documentation
  • Agility CMS home page

When Is Agility CMS a Good Idea?

Agility CMS is great for:

  • Editors who want a simple, consistent experience for finding and managing page content
  • Designing a content architecture that will stand the test of time and future rebuilds
  • Keeping content separate from your presentation layer
  • Managing large sitemaps
  • Teams that require content workflows and user roles

Agility CMS is not-so-great for:

  • Teams without access to developers (for initial site build)
  • If you want to manage content in markdown files
  • If you want to edit content in-place on your website

What Does It Take to Implement Agility CMS?

Agility CMS is a SaaS headless content management platform that makes it fast and easy to build, manage, and maintain your content, wherever it needs to be.

Contrary to other CMSs that required you to install and configure systems on-premise, Agility CMS is hosted and maintained for you in the secure and scalable Microsoft Azure cloud.

Agility CMS is also a multi-tenanted app which means that all our customers use the same version. This allows us to deploy new features and patches for free, quickly and efficiently to all of our customers on a regular basis.

Agility CMS Diagram

Getting started with Agility CMS and Gatsby is easy, it takes just a few minutes.

  1. Sign up for an Agility CMS instance
  2. Add the gatsby-source-agilitycms plugin to your Gatsby site
  3. Configure the plugin with your Agility CMS credentials

The Agility CMS source plugin will automatically source your content from Agility CMS and generate pages for each of your pages you’ve configured in the CMS. This means your editors have full control over what pages they have in their site, and what is on each page.

While editors focus on their content and pages, developers can focus on building the UI components that are made available to the editors to compose their pages.

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