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Using Gatsby with Strapi

Unleash content of your Gatsby application by using a self-hosted open-source, Node.js headless CMS. Secure your content by hosting it on your own server, easily customize the Strapi admin panel as well as the API in 100% javascript. All this maintained by hundreds of contributors on Github

Quick Links

  • Gatsby + Strapi tutorial
  • Strapi home page

When Is Strapi a Good Idea?

Strapi is great for:

  • open-source enthusiasts
  • Javascript developers, Strapi is 100% Javascript (Node, React)
  • Hosting your own CMS and data
  • Delivering content using REST API or GraphQL

Strapi is not-so-great for:

  • Those who don’t want to host their data
  • Non-developers

What Does It Take to Implement Strapi?

Being a self-hosted headless CMS, you’ll need to install Strapi on your machine or even deploy a Strapi instance using different One-click deploy buttons available.

It only takes a few minutes to make Strapi your data source for your Gatsby application

  1. Install Strapi on your machine or launch an instance with a One-Click deploy button
  2. Add our Strapi source plugin to your Gatsby application including minimal configurations
  3. Access all your Strapi data using GraphQL queries

Getting started with Strapi and Gatsby is totally free. You can deploy your Gatsby application on Gatsby Cloud and preview content changes immediately using webhooks

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