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Using Gatsby with Sanity.io

If you need to tailor your content management system to your organization’s needs without compromising on the experience of developers and editors, using Sanity.io and Gatsby is a great choice. You can be up and running in minutes with a system that scales with your project, lets you iterate, and helps you learn from your products.

Quick Links

  • Example Site
  • Documentation
  • Sanity.io Website

When Is Sanity.io a Good Idea?

Sanity.io is great for:

  • Building fast prototypes that scale to large production solutions
  • Collaboration and real-time synchronization
  • Using content across multiple channels
  • Setting up content infrastructures where you combine content with other data sources
  • Using JavaScript development skill sets to build complete data-driven content backends

Sanity.io is not-so-great for:

  • Those who don’t want to use APIs hosted by others
  • Projects where you don’t want or need the customization of the content management editing interface or the code that comes with it

What Does It Take to Implement Sanity.io?

Sanity.io is configured with simple JavaScript and can be further customized using React. If your team is ready to make a website with Gatsby, they’ll also quickly get started with Sanity. There are some basic concepts that you can pick up in our getting started video or introductory documentation.

Steps from start to finish:

  1. Creating a Sanity project (≈ 2min)
  2. Add the source plugin to Gatsby with some minimal configuration (≈ 1 min)
  3. Configuring the content model and editing environment and leveraging live content preview and the collaborative capabilities in the Studio
  4. Concurrently prototyping and developing components and templates in Gatsby
  5. Choosing a host for deployment and set up build triggers with webhooks or other mechanisms
  6. Launch the project and continue iterating

You can get started with Sanity.io and Gatsby on a forever-free developer plan. Need more than the generously included usage? Pay-as-you-go for requests, users and assets without switching plans. Teams, companies, and enterprises all have options.

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