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Using Gatsby with Kontent

Kentico Kontent is a content-as-a-service solution that gives organizations control over their entire content lifecycle in a single, unified environment. Flexible content models, collaboration, and workflow lead to faster content production, better consistency, and higher quality content that’s managed completely independent of Gatsby.

Quick Links

  • Tutorial
  • Gatsby Source Plugin
  • Kentico Kontent Website

When Is Kontent a Good Idea?

Kontent is great for:

  • Projects requiring continuous content production and management
  • Reusing content across multiple channels and web pages
  • Collaborating across the entire content lifecycle
  • Content planning and performance optimization

Kontent is not-so-great for:

  • Companies that prefer on-premise solutions
  • Teams looking for an all-in-one suite to manage their website
  • Simple projects with static content that is rarely updated
  • Managing social or user-generated content

What Does It Take to Implement Kontent?

Kentico Kontent is a SaaS-based solution, removing the need for IT teams to install or maintain infrastructure or software.

Hooking up Gatsby to a new or existing Kontent Project takes just a few minutes.

  1. Create/Select a Kentico Kontent project.
  2. Add our Kontent source plugin to your Gatsby site.
  3. Configure the plugin with your project.
  4. Access your Kontent data using GraphQL queries.

The flexible content model provides the control needed to ensure consistency and reusability of content. These models are automatically mirrored in Gatsby GraphQL schema thanks to Gatsby Schema definition API. This empowers developers to build an engaging web presence that drives online purchases, while enabling marketers to quickly publish new content as it becomes available.

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