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Using Gatsby with GraphCMS

GraphCMS is the GraphQL native headless CMS. Their generated APIs offer endless flexibility for fetching or writing content with precise content selection, filtering, ordering, pagination, union types, mutations, and more. Gatsby and GraphCMS will empower you to build and scale the websites and apps of tomorrow.

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When Is GraphCMS a Good Idea?

GraphCMS is great for:

  • Highly flexible and custom content models with multiple field types
  • Teams looking for a JAMstack CMS that integrates with any frontend framework
  • Teams looking for a choice between US, EU, and Asia endpoints
  • Teams with varying levels of project complexity with focus on performance
  • Teams looking for a mature GraphQL CMS that is frontend agnostic

GraphCMS is not-so-great for:

  • Teams looking for on-premises or self hosting
  • Teams without developer resources available

What Does It Take to Implement Gatsby + GraphCMS?

Compared to traditional CMS’s that require dedicated infrastructure and complex install processes, the SaaS model behind GraphCMS allows anyone to get started quickly and for free.

  1. Create an account at GraphCMS
  2. Create a new project
  3. Add the “gatsby-source-graphql” plugin
  4. Connect your project url
  5. Enjoy the magic of GraphQL queries

That’s it. No further effort is needed. Editors and developers can define the schema, your content team can begin filling in content parallel to your developers building out the designs.

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