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Using Gatsby with Flotiq

For use cases big and small - powering websites with Gatsby and Flotiq is a great way to provide fast and secure access to content, at the same time providing your development teams with a powerful platform open for wider integrations.

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When Is Flotiq a Good Idea?

Flotiq is great for:

  • Integrating content into complex software architectures.
  • Storing massive amounts of data.
  • Teams working on complex sites.
  • Building API-first systems.
  • Enterprises requiring on-premise deployment.

Flotiq is not so great for:

  • Teams without development expertise.
  • SOAP enthusiasts.

What Does It Take to Implement Flotiq?

You can start working on your next project in minutes. Flotiq has a generous free tier and you can register an account without any payment details, anytime.

Flotiq team has taken extra care to provide kickstart materials for Gatsby users, so you can leverage pre-created Gatsby starters and boilerplate content. You can deploy your first Flotiq-Gatsby website in 5 minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Your content editors can easily extend the data model whenever they need, using the Flotiq dashboard. It’s been designed to support content editors working with large amounts of data and it aims to simply get out of their way when they need to produce content. At the same time - Flotiq keeps developers happy by providing automatically updated API documentation, SDK packages for integrating in their projects and a RESTful API that adapts to the content defined in the system.

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