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Pair Programming with the Gatsby Core Team

Thursday, April 2nd at 11am ET/8am PT In our next pairing session with the Gatsby Core team, Blaine Kasten will be showing Madalyn how to convert a JS file to TypeScript. They’ll also go through some community pull requests that are converting files to TypeScript.

Gatsby Web Creators Series

Fridays at 1pm ET/10am PT For full details, check out the Gatsby Web Creators page.

  • Week 1 - Intro to HTML - March 25 & 27 Introducing the series, we’ll talk about the most fundamental part of the Web Platform, HTML (a.k.a. HyperText Markup Language).
  • Week 2 - Intro to CSS - April 3rd We started building with HTML, and this week is all about making it “pretty”. We’ll talk about how CSS works, and how we can style our content pages from the previous week.
  • Week 3 - CSS Project Remix & CSS Animation - April 10th In week three, we’ll dive deeper into CSS in order to remix a pre-built styling project on Glitch. Viewers will be encouraged to do their own remixes and submit them to be reviewed on the stream.
  • Week 4 - Applied HTML and CSS - April 17th In week four we’ll review CSS Remix submissions and take a real-life design from a static mockup to a living reality with HTML and CSS.
  • Week 5 - Intro to JavaScript and DOM - April 24th In week 5, we’ll reference what we’ve learned so far about HTML to introduce the JavaScript programming language and DOM (the Document Object Model).

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