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Gatsby for Web Design Agencies

When should you consider Gatsby for a client project?

Gatsby is an incredibly powerful technology that will help your client projects stand out from the competition: Lightning-fast and distinctive for users, seamlessly handling complex content or e-commerce and optimized for lead conversion and SEO.

This ebook will help you evaluate whether your clients are a good fit for Gatsby and modern web development, and provide you resources to bring them along on this journey.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify which client projects are an excellent fit for Gatsby so you can close more deals
  • Which industries are best served by the Jamstack and Gatsby so you can confidently pitch new prospects
  • The technologies that compliment Gatsby so you can build the right stack and adopt the best dev tools and design practices for your project
  • The next steps in getting started with your first Gatsby project

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