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The fastest Gatsby, yet.

With Gatsby 5’s new Slice API for supercharged component builds and Partial Hydration to speed up your site performance — updating your website and content at scale has never been easier.

npm i gatsby@latest
Requires Node 18 and React 18. View the Upgrade Guide.
The <b>fastest</b> Gatsby, yet.

Slice API

Gatsby can build and ship individual pieces (or Slices) of your site and only deploy those that changed. Headers, footers, and layouts no longer need a full rebuild!

🗒️ Gatsby Slice API📝 Using Slices🌱 gatsby-starter-slices📓 The Gatsby Slice API

Partial Hydration (Beta)

By utilizing bleeding-edge React technology, Gatsby can send only the necessary JavaScript to your user’s browsers, making their experience faster than ever.

Head API

Search Engine Optimization is tricky, but the Gatsby Head API brings native and intuitive SEO to your site.

Script Component

Gatsby’s Script component offers a convenient way to declare different loading strategies, and a default loading strategy that gives Gatsby users strong performance out of the box.

With a site of our size, minor changes like updating a footer or marketing banner used to result in a complete rebuild of our site. With Slices in Gatsby 5 speeding up Incremental Builds, we’re expecting to save hours of time waiting for builds every week.

Nikan Shahidi

CEO at Webstacks, webstacks.com

We’re bumping up to the latest and greatest node and React versions, too!

Find out more reading the Node 18 Announcement, and React 18’s Announcement and Upgrade Guide.

But wait, there’s more.

GraphiQL v2

GraphiQL released a major version earlier this year, and Gatsby ships with GraphiQL v2 by default. With a polished UI, query tabs, dark mode, and Gatsby-specific code samples, developers can work with Gatsby’s data layer in brand new ways.

MDX v2

With gatsby-plugin-mdx, MDX v2 is supported by default. All of the speed, bundle size, and syntax improvements for MDX v2 can be taken advantage of in Gatsby.

Image CDN

Images are typically the largest files on a site and delay page load significantly while they are pulled over the network. With Image CDN, image processing can be done outside of your builds so you can ship your content even faster.

TypeScript + TypeGen

Gatsby provides an integrated TypeScript experience out of the box, similar to an IDE. By auto-generating and validating types for your data, you can have more confidence in your builds.

Incremental Builds

When a data change happens through your CMS, the Gatsby Cloud Incremental Builds feature will rebuild only what’s necessary. This gives you up to 1000x faster builds and an average build time of less than 10 seconds.

Incremental Deploys

Following the success of Incremental Builds, Incremental Deploys only deploys the pages and routes that changed. Incremental Deploys yields 10x faster deploy speed and can significantly reduce your average build time.

Revamped Starters

Starters are ideal for anyone looking to create a performant website for their startup, company, or a client. These make it easy to connect your CMS of choice and provide a similar, cohesive feel for both developers and content editors.

Hydrating every component on a React page always felt unnecessary. Gatsby makes it simple to only send JavaScript to the components that actually need it with Partial Hydration. This is easy for our developers and great for our users.

Justin Smith

Developer at Intralox, intralox.com

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npm i gatsby@latest
Requires Node 18 and React 18. View the Upgrade Guide.
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