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Introducing Gatsby 4

Static. That. Scales.

Gatsby 4 combines the control and scalability of server-side rendering with the performance of static-site generation, creating a whole new web of possibilities.

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(Almost) live from GatsbyCamp

What’s new and what’s coming

Watch the Gatsby team introduce Gatsby 4 and its new features (and come back for more Camp content, soon) – or scroll down for the feature reel:

Deferred Static Generation

The performance of static sites without all of those long build times

The benefits of statically generated websites - performance, security, reliability - are now available to websites of all shapes and sizes, giving teams a new way to build and deliver digital experiences at scale.

How To Enable DSG

Server-Side Rendering

Request and render data at run-time with Gatsby

Gatsby 4 now supports Server-Side Rendering, giving developers the choice of generating content at either build time, as with static-site generation, or at run time. With Server-Side Rendering, teams can now run more effective A/B tests, personalize content, and more all while still using the Gatsby framework.

How To Enable SSR

Parallel Query Running

Unlock the speed & power of parallel processing

We’ve cut down build times even further with the introduction of parallel query running to Gatsby 4. Often the largest part of the build process, queries will now take advantage of multi-processing and be shared across cores. This will cut down build times dramatically, especially for large sites that spend a long duration in the Query Running phase.

Content Sync

Preview the right content, every time

Get the best content previewing experience for editors and developers in the Jamstack. Gatsby 4 has reconstructed the way our data layer connects to your favorite headless Content Management Systems to make the connection between Previews and drafted content components more reliable.

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Try Out Different Rendering Modes
Try Out Different Rendering Modes

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