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MDX Plugins

Gatsby remark plugins

gatsby-plugin-mdx is compatible with all of the gatsby-remark plugins, including gatsby-remark-images.

To enable gatsby-remark-images, you first need to install the relevant image plugins:

If you don’t have gatsby-source-filesystem installed, also install that.

Then configure the plugins. gatsby-source-filesystem needs to be pointed at wherever you have your images on disk, gatsby-remark-images needs to be both a sub-plugin of gatsby-plugin-mdxand a string entry in the plugins array, and gatsby-plugin-sharp can be included on its own.

Then, any image in your MDX file will be automatically handled by Gatsby image processing.

By default, the text my image will be used as the alt attribute of the generated img tag. If an empty alt attribute like alt="" is wished, a reserved keyword GATSBY_EMPTY_ALT can be used.

Remark plugins

You can use remark plugins directly if there are transformations you’d like to make on your MDX documents. This can do anything from adding emoji support to enforcing a particular title capitalization format.

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