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Deploy 4 Swag

The promotion is complete!

Thank you to everyone who participated and got some spectacular Gatsby gear along with 10x faster build times.

Deploy On Gatsby CloudUpgrade To Gatsby 4


The promotion is over but I still have a code I’ve yet to redeem, what do I do? Reply to your redemption email and we’ll help you out.

I’m experiencing an “Out of inventory” error for the bottle, what do I do? Apologies! The bottles were so popular that we ran out of inventory and switched to an exclusive tee shirt design. Reply to the redemption email and we’ll get you a new promo code for the shirt instead.

Is there a limit on swag? Yes, there is a limit of one swag item per user. Don’t be a sketchball and create a bunch of fake user accounts for more free swag. We’ll have to block you, which is a bummer. Let’s keep this fun.

Is Shipping Free? Yes, this is the free-est of swag.

Do you ship globally? Yes, we will ship your swag to you no matter where you live. However, we can’t guarantee your swag will arrive because not every postal service is reliable worldwide and there are still some Covid-related shipping delays. We try our best every time to every location.

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