Deploy 4 Swag

Deploy to Gatsby Cloud and get free swag

Deploy the latest version of Gatsby to Gatsby Cloud, and we’ll send you this exquisite water bottle. With 10x faster builds, you’ll need to stay hydrated.

We want you to experience the fastest Gatsby ever

Why free swag?

We want you to experience the fastest Gatsby ever

This swag giveaway is an extra nudge to get you experiencing firsthand the fastest frontend on the market paired with the highest performance builds and deploys possible with a Gatsby site.

Parallel Query Running and Deferred Static Generation are some of Gatsby’s most impactful new additions, and they are only available in their full glory on Gatsby Cloud. So, what are you waiting for?

How Deploy 4 Swag works

This promotion runs through the end of 2021. You need to deploy Gatsby 4 to Gatsby Cloud and perform at least one build through a code change or content update to be eligible. That way, you experience the speed! Within a few days of your deploy we’ll email you a link to redeem your swag to the address associated with your Gatsby Cloud account.

Getting started

If you already have a Gatsby site on a previous version: You’re so close! Upgrade to Gatsby 4 using these instructions and deploy your upgraded site to Gatsby Cloud.

If you’re new to Gatsby altogether: Welcome, friend! Go ahead and sign up for Gatsby Cloud and quickly get started using one of our guided templates or build a Gatsby site yourself, then deploy to Gatsby Cloud.

If you’ve already deployed Gatsby 4 to Gatsby Cloud: You absolute legend! Your swag redemption link is either already in your inbox or on its way shortly. We’ll deliver the redemption link and promo code to redeem your swag within a few days after your Gatsby 4 deploy.


Is there a limit on swag? Yes, there is a limit of one swag item per user. Don’t be a sketchball and create a bunch of fake user accounts for more free swag. We’ll have to block you, which is a bummer. Let’s keep this fun.

Is Shipping Free? Yes, this is the free-est of swag.

Do you ship globally? Yes, we will ship your swag to you no matter where you live. However, we can’t guarantee your swag will arrive because not every postal service is reliable worldwide and there are still some Covid-related shipping delays. We try our best every time to every location.

Is this swag available for purchase in the store? You can purchase it in the store for $1,234. Why over $1k for a bottle? Shopify requires we list a price for all items, so we made it absurdly high to (hopefully) ensure this remains exclusive to this promo only.

If there more than one swag item to choose from? For now, we’ll be offering one swag item at a time. And currently, it’s this spectacular water bottle.