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Queen Raae

Queen Raae

Benedicte (Queen) Raae is a Norwegian Web Developer who loves jamming together side projects for fun and profit. She is a professional early adopter and helps companies maintain their Gatsby plugins. Raae was introduced to HTML + CSS by her junior high teacher almost 20 years ago. She holds an MSc in Computer Science and has developed apps trusted by the Swedish Armed Forces, The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, and others.


Source Usage Data for Social Proof on Your Gatsby Site

Learn how to create a social proof section by sourcing usage data into your Gatsby marketing site. In the example, we use the serverless database Xata together with Tailwind. However, you may follow the steps regardless of your backend and styling approach.

Queen Raae
Queen Raae March 13th, 2023

social proof, tailwind, xata
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