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“The fastest auto dealership site in the world” How relentless optimization 8xed conversions

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Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon

Amputee striving to help other amputees by building @adaptable_org. Ruby. Rails. Stimulus. he/him


How StriVectin Improved Gatsby Page Performance By Streamlining Analytics Tracking Events

Third-party JS are often “death by a thousand cuts” for site performance. When building the StriVectin site, Elevar employed a number of creative solutions to mitigate this impact and still get solid performance.

Garrett Dimon
Garrett Dimon April 16th, 2021

Agencies, analytics, Case Studies, e-commerce, Website Performance

Implementing Dynamic E-Commerce Features with Strivectin and Gatsby

Product Experience Management with Gatsby: Delivering A Rich E-Commerce Experience

How Elevar Used Storybook With Gatsby to Support a Modular Design Process

How Elevar Prototyped a Headless E-Commerce Store with Gatsby

Strivectin had an incredibly popular e-commerce store for a variety of anti-aging skincare products. The challenge: it was powered by a seven-year-old codebase on a legacy platform. For the planned refresh, Strivectin's agency, Elevar, turned to Gatsby -- first to rapidly protoype a performant, scalable, secure future, and then to build the site itself.

Garrett Dimon
Garrett Dimon April 5th, 2021


Using Gatsby & Storybook To Document Your Design System

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