In contrast to recipes and reference guides, tutorials are step-by-step instructions for a series of related Gatsby tasks. Tutorials are grouped into Gatsby Fundamentals and Intermediate Tutorials (“The Gatsby Tutorial”), as well as Advanced Tutorials which can be explored individually as needed.

Near perfect example of a tutorial

Main Gatsby tutorial

What should a tutorial be about?

We need tutorials to guide users of all skill levels through performing a series of related tasks with Gatsby.

How to choose a tutorial topic?

Topics should be chosen based on these priorities:

  1. Tutorials related to improving key learning workflows
  2. Tutorials with the help wanted and type:documentation labels on GitHub
  3. Tutorials that you or other community members would like to see

Length of a tutorial

If a tutorial is longer than 3 8.5x11” pages or has more than about 5 headers and you’re finding yourself creating a Table of Contents at the top, it will probably be easier to read and easier for readers to complete if you turn it into a multi-page tutorial, like the main Gatsby tutorial.

If you have a tutorial that falls into this category, it is likely a big enough project that you’ll benefit from the feedback process provided by creating an RFC (Request for Comments) document.

Tutorial template

You can copy and paste the markdown text below and fill it in with your own information.