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Getting Started with Gatsby: Building Your Portfolio Site

Learn how to build a portfolio site with Gatsby in this 60 minute webinar.

Showcasing your work on the internet is often the first impression you’ll make when applying for jobs, attracting clients, or growing your network. It’s extremely important that your site makes a good first impression. But who has the time to build a stand-out portfolio?

In this session, you’ll learn how you can create a high-performance portfolio site in minutes using Gatsby. Source your content from local files or a headless CMS and get something published fast so your site makes a great first impression — without spending weeks building it.

Watch the webinar to hear from Jason Lengstorf (Gatsby’s Head of Developer Relations) about how to get started with Gatsby, including creating a site from scratch, using a headless CMS, and optimizing images for blazing fast page load times.

Jason Lengstorf, Head of Developer Relations, Gatsby
You’ll also hear from a few surprise guest speakers!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a new Gatsby site from scratch
  • Pull portfolio data from local files
  • Pull portfolio data from a headless CMS
  • Optimize image performance for blazing fast load times

Watch the Webinar

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