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Update Week

Kassian Wren
September 21st, 2022

We’ve got some really great new things to share with you, and we also have a lot to look back on. With the Gatsby 5 Alpha live, talk of Reactive Site Generators, and whisperings of ‘Valhalla’, there’s a lot on the horizon. So we thought we’d take a week to tell you a good bit more about not only where Gatsby has been, but where we are going.

On Monday, we have a post about the journey Gatsby has embarked on since 2020 from Josh, one of our framework engineers. It’s an in-depth, comprehensive timeline of the developments of Gatsby from 3 to 5. Later in the week, we’ll take a closer look at features on the horizon– partial hydration and Valhalla to name a couple.

If you’re just seeing these terms for the first time, you can learn a bit more about partial hydration in this video, and Valhalla here. More information about Gatsby 5 can be found in this umbrella discussion thread.

If you haven’t used Gatsby in a while, there are a lot of new features: server-side rendering, deferred static generation, and the Head API,to name a few. There are also migration docs for version 2 to 3, and version 3-4 if you’re looking to upgrade.

We’re so excited to show you more, and we hope you’ll join us September 26-30 on the Gatsby blog to celebrate Update Week.

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