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Building Interactive Mapping Apps with Gatsby

We’ve all experienced a map or two, in apps like Google Maps or locator apps for finding the nearest Impossible Burger. But have we ever stopped to wonder about how they actually work? And — even better — how we can use the power of Gatsby to quickly create a mapping app of our very own?

Colby Fayock
Colby Fayock August 25th, 2020

Dynamic Functionality

Gatsby, United: Introducing a new, Gatsby Cloud plan updates, and a view of our roadmap

Starting today there is a single source of truth for all things Gatsby. The new brings together the open source Gatsby (.org) and the Gatsby, Inc. (.com) sites in a unified domain so all Gatsby users are set up for success with the same resource. Unified Gatsby is a big step toward our goal of making Gatsby 1000x easier to use -- our guiding vision for the future of Open Source and Gatsby Cloud. We want to share this vision with our community, so today we are also offering a preview roadmap of the functions and features we'll be releasing in the next few months. We are also excited to announce a brand new right-fit pricing plan (including permanent free tier) for Gatsby Cloud to make sure every user has access to the ideal platform for building, deploying and collaborating on Gatsby sites.

Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith August 12th, 2020

announcements, gatsby, Gatsby Cloud, open-source

Changes Coming to Community Permissions in Gatsby’s GitHub Repo

Announcing Gatsby Recipes Alpha 2

Gatsby Gazette for July 2020 – This Website is Actually a Cake 🍰 Edition

The World’s Sneakiest Route Change

Gatsby Goes Global: Announcing Gatsby’s Official i18n Theme

Gatsby Days Video: Building an Encrypted PWA with Gatsby + Userbase

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