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Product Experience Management with Gatsby: Delivering A Rich E-Commerce Experience

When StriVectin was ready to upgrade their e-commerce experience, they used Gatsby's content mesh to quickly integrate Prismic with Shopify, using Prismic to store both additional product data and structured content.

Garrett Dimon
Garrett Dimon April 13th, 2021

Agencies, Case Studies, CMS, e-commerce, prismic

MDX Embedded Images with the All-New Gatsby Image Plugin

#100DaysOfGatsby 2021: The Finish Line

How Elevar Used Storybook With Gatsby to Support a Modular Design Process

Getting Started with Gatsby Source WordPress: Choose Your Own Adventure

Fender Gets a New Jam(stack) On

How Elevar Prototyped a Headless E-Commerce Store with Gatsby

Strivectin had an incredibly popular e-commerce store for a variety of anti-aging skincare products. The challenge: it was powered by a seven-year-old codebase on a legacy platform. For the planned refresh, Strivectin's agency, Elevar, turned to Gatsby -- first to rapidly protoype a performant, scalable, secure future, and then to build the site itself.

Garrett Dimon
Garrett Dimon April 5th, 2021


Voices of Gatsby: Tech Life === Burnout?

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