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Using Deferred Static Generation with Analytics Tools

Only want to build out the most popular pages as static pages? No problem, you can use your analytics tool to control the usage of Deferred Static Generation in Gatsby. In choosing what pages to defer you can improve your page on a granular and individual level -- but for how you'd do this the sky is really the limit. In this tutorial you'll learn how you can use data from your analytics tool.

Lennart Jörgens
Lennart Jörgens December 1st, 2021

analytics, Deferred Static Generation, DSG, Gatsby Cloud, Website Performance

Gatsby Plugin Not Working, But Why?

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Content Querying with Gatsby + Contentful

#Deploy4Swag – Use the Best Gatsby Ever to Get Free Goodies!

A Quick Start Guide To Gatsby and Contentful

A Guide to Useful Contentful + Gatsby Content

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