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Gatsby Joins React 18 Working Group to Help Build a Better Web

Ward Peeters
June 8th, 2021

As users of Gatsby, you probably already know that Gatsby is the best React-based framework for creating high-performance websites. Though, you may be wondering about Gatsby’s relationship with the React Core team. Is Gatsby working closely with the React Core team? Is Gatsby purely a consumer of React, or does Gatsby also inform and contribute to the future of React, itself?

The Gatsby Open Source team has been exploring the best way to collaborate with the React Core team for some time now, and over the past quarter we’ve collectively determined the best way to collaborate and be transparent is through the recently-created React 18 Working Group . In the spirit of open source, we believe it’s important that our collaboration happens in the open, in a way that benefits the broader React ecosystem to push all of the Web forward.

Gatsby is powered by React, and together they’ve allowed the Gatsby community to build a large variety of high-quality websites. The scale of Gatsby’s influence allows us to test new React features and provide feedback to the React Team covering a variety of scenarios. This collaboration benefits Gatsby users and the entire React community.

As we participate in the React 18 Working Group, we’ll share updates for new features or capabilities that are relevant to Gatsby users in a new Technical Blog series. This will include topics such as how to upgrade your Gatsby-powered project to React 18, and how to start taking advantage of concurrent features in your applications.

We’re excited to continue building the future of the web with React, and we hope you are too. 

Be sure to read the official React 18 blog post for more information.

Stay Hydrated!
Ward Peeters, Technical Lead for Gatsby Open Source

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