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Gatsby Design Labs Is Now on Medium!

Molly Misek
January 19th, 2022
An image of an orange blob with sunglasses hovering above the words "Gatsby Design Labs"

In 2021, our design team launched Gatsby Design Labs: a space for us to imagine, explore, and test our ideas about the people that use Gatsby, the people that don’t, and the world in which Gatsby innovates.

A black and white photo of Albert Einstein on a light yellow grid background, surrounded by playful shapes.

At the heart of Design Labs is our user research program, recruiting a core group of Gatsby users who want to be kept in the loop on research and test out upcoming designs. Still in its infancy, Design Labs has already helped us refine our research and design process at Gatsby — and we want to share that process with you! 

That’s why we launched our Gatsby Design Labs publication on Medium. It’s a way for us to write about our practice and grow professionally in our design careers. It’s an artifact for potential candidates to see how design is done at Gatsby. Most importantly, it demonstrates how design’s success is Gatsby’s success.

An outline of a hand reaching for a square shape sits on a bright purple background, complemented by grid lines.

We’ll be publishing monthly updates on Medium and posting Design Labs round-ups here (so no matter where you are, you won’t miss out).

In our debut post, we share what we learned in launching the user research program and let you peek into our plans for 2022. A quick excerpt to pique your interest:

“Most of all, we witnessed the effort it takes to build a solid research practice tailored to Gatsby’s needs. Research might look different for our design team of three than at a larger org with more specialized roles — and that’s the fun part! We’re learning how to conduct effective research together and reap the rewards of talking to the people who use Gatsby.”

Read our blog posts on Medium and give us a follow!

Gatsby Design Labs Publication articles

Find me on Twitter @mollimysek to talk design, user research, Gatsby, and more!

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Visual tinkerer, design educator, book reader. Forever scheming the next place to visit. Lover of humans and our mysterious ways.

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