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Gatsby Cloud Moving To Simpler Pricing

Dan Giordano
December 3rd, 2021

Next week, Gatsby will be phasing out our Standard and Performance plans and consolidating them around a three-tier model for your Gatsby Workspace: Free, Professional, and Enterprise. Our current customers on a Standard or Performance plan will not see any changes on their current plans.

Why are we changing our pricing?

Over the past year, Gatsby Cloud has continued to grow into a complete cloud platform, offering solutions to Build, Preview, and Deploy your site to our own Edge network. While our first product, Previews, is still part of the magic, Gatsby Cloud can replace your entire web delivery and infrastructure tooling. Gatsby Cloud customers of all sizes are seeing faster builds and deploys, faster development cycles, and ultimately better web experiences.

Because of this, we’ve chosen to combine our Builds and Hosting pricing into one combined Platform and launch a new tier that better embodies the value Gatsby Cloud delivers for growing businesses, the Professional plan.

New Pricing Tier Breakdown


  • For your sandboxing and your hobby projects, our Free plan is still a totally free-forever plan that allows individual developers to try out Gatsby Cloud and get the feel for how we can improve your next Gatsby Project.
  • Free accounts will be limited to a single user and able to host 1 custom domain in production.


  • For growing teams and websites that need the best possible performance, they can offer their customers.
  • Starts with 2 users and can expand up to 10, based on the size of your team.
  • Starts with 3 concurrent builds, so you can work productively across your workspace.
    Up to 1TB of monthly bandwidth on our blazing-fast Global Edge Network.


  • For companies who need unmatched speed, security, scalability, and support in their serverless cloud platform
    Current Customers
  • To minimize any disruption to our current Standard and Professional customers, we’ll be grandfathering in your existing plan and offering you exactly what you are getting today. This means there is no action needed from a current customer, but if you would like to upgrade your plan you may choose to do so.

About Gatsby Cloud Professional

Gatsby Cloud Professional gives your team everything they need to deliver Gatsby experiences that delight users and drive more engagement. On top of the great features already available in the Free plan, like Incremental Builds and CMS Previews, it adds:

  • Faster Build Performance with larger machines and a higher build memory limit
  • More bandwidth on our global edge network
  • Instant rollbacks at the push of a button
  • Roles and Permissions for team management
  • Priority support from our amazing Success team

Gatsby Cloud Enterprise

In addition to the new plan, Professional, we’ve also made some changes to our Enterprise plans. Enterprises continue to be an important part of the Gatsby journey, and have different needs than our smaller teams of developers or businesses.

In addition to the great features in both our Free and Professional plans, Gatsby Cloud for Enterprises also includes access to:

  • Increased bandwidth for high-traffic sites
  • Increased domain and user limits
  • Features to manage users at scale, including SSO and SAML
  • Access to the Gatsby Success Team for onboarding
  • Performance and Build Audits

When Do These Changes Take Effect?

These changes will take effect on December 8th and be available for all users in the app.

If you have further questions about the new plans, we are here to help!  Please contact sales@gatsbyjs.com!

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