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New Gatsby Cloud Pricing Plans: Goodbye RTEs, Hello Build Speed & Hosting

Joel Smith
March 3rd, 2021

With the launch of Hosting on Gatsby Cloud, we are also excited to announce new pricing. Users of Gatsby Cloud can select from a set of plans that make sense for their build speed and traffic needs by selecting a plan for Builds and a plan for Hosting (with helpful savings for annual plans). 

Build Plans (with no limits!)

Historically, Gatsby Cloud pricing was based on Builds and what we call “Real Time Edits”. We have heard a lot from users over the last few years that Build plans based on our “Real Time Edits” was confusing and at times frustrating. And so, we have updated our plans for Builds to remove the caps on real time edits and builds: users can now edit and build their content as often as they need.

With the removal of the RTE cap, we’ve added plans that can help increase the speed of website builds with the help of additional, optimized memory and computational power.  If your team builds or edits often, or if your site has traditionally been slow to build, you can now select a performance plan for even faster builds. And every tier, from free to Enterprise, now benefits from Gatsby Cloud Incremental Builds to rebuild your site in seconds after content edits and data changes! 

gatsby cloud builds price plan

Hosting Plans

And with the launch of our new global edge network through Hosting on Gatsby Cloud, we have included plans that allow you to scale your hosting costs without needing to scale your build infrastructure. With distinct plans for Hosting, users can start small and grow as their audience grows as well.

gatsby cloud hosting price plan

Free to Get Started

As always, it’s free to get started with both Builds and Hosting on Gatsby Cloud. Our free plans are great for side projects and early ideas that users can battle test before scaling content and traffic.

Why Build Speed for the Build Plans?

We’re taking a bit of stance with our new pricing. We don’t think that users should be penalized or charged for the number of changes that they make to their Gatsby site. Additionally, we don’t think they should be charged for our infrastructure taking a long time to build their Gatsby site. We want to provide the best possible conditions for users making rapid changes to their production site without having to think about the overhead or limits they might hit. 

So we decided to align our costs for our infrastructure with your choice of build speed. You can now pay for the faster builds that you need and won’t be penalized for periods of heavy content editing or code changes. And we all win as Gatsby gets faster!

What Happens to Existing Plans?

We’ll migrate everyone on the current plans over to Build plans that match their current price bands. If a user was on an “Individual” plan, they’ll now be on a “Standard” build plan. If you’d like to upgrade or downgrade plans, visit the Workspace Setting tab to review your current plan.

All users will be set to a Free hosting plan by default, but you can easily upgrade that in your Workspace Settings as well if you’d like to scale up your traffic.

Next Steps

For existing users of Gatsby cloud, visit your Workspace Settings page to review your plan and upgrade as needed. Otherwise, enjoy the new build speeds and check out Gatsby V3 for even more speed improvements.

For new users of Gatsby Cloud, visit our pricing page to review our new plans and select the plans that make sense for you. All new plans include a 14 day free trial so that you can test out the build speed of your Gatsby site before making a final decision.

And be sure to check out how much you can save by selecting an annual plan.

Happy building!

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